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Trim-Life® An Integrative Weight Release Program

Trim-Life® Weight Release Program Syracuse New York The following video was produced by a colleague who offers Trim Life in another state. The Trim Life program at Bright Path is more extensive in certain areas with additional inclusive sessions. Diets don’t work…the power of the mind does! Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Help You Release Weight Extinguish […]

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Update Hypnotherapy Text

Hypnotherapy is: A Natural State of Mind. It uses the simple shifting between the conscious and the subconscious mind. We naturally do that shifting 80% of our day. It is a very light trance that you encounter similar to daydreaming. You remember everything you choose to remember. It feels more like just closing your eyes […]

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Update Types of Therapy Text

Bright Path Counseling Center employs a number of well skilled, licensed therapists who have studied a variety of therapy techniques. Your therapist will work with you to develop a course of treatment that would provide the best results for you. Often your therapist will use several different approaches to meet your needs and your circumstances. […]

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Update Technology/Social Media Addiction Text

Addictions begin as an attempt to change or temporarily escape from emotional feelings that are uncomfortable like stress, worry, anger or loneliness. Excessive use of the internet could interfere with every day living and become compulsive. When patterns of addiction are established it is difficult to focus on and resolve the real sources of emotional […]

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Update Opioid Addiction Taper Program Test

Bright Path Counseling Center provides treatment for individuals who want to stop their use of opiods. We recommend our Intensive Outpatient Program. The goal of this group is to obtain and maintain abstinence while gaining insight into the recovery process from opioid dependency. Individuals may choose to enter treatment unaided or with the aid of […]

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Dual Diagnosis

A Dual Diagnosis means that an individual has emotional issues to deal with plus the added challenge of abuse or addiction to alcohol or marijuana or heroine or pain medication or other illegal substances or the combination there of. Family and friends are effected as well. Our specially trained professionals are able to help you […]

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Update Relationships Counseling Text

Our lives are filled with relationships. Our most basic and important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Self-empowerment and self-esteem are often the words used to describe a good relationship within us. Contentment and positive motivation are other signals of a healthy relationship within. These are the goals at the heart of counseling/therapy.Relationships […]

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Update Problems Text

They come in all sizes and all types. We all have them. It is the discomfort or the unease with us, with others or with situations. It is when we feel held back or unfulfilled or unhappy. It is when we wish life were different. It is when our coping skills are no longer enough […]

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Update Emotional Well-Being Text

It is a positive state of self that is maintained or regained. It is the comfortable balance of self within any context. It is the living fully of every moment. It is acceptance, surrender, independence, inclusion and engagement. It is the continued nurturing of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. It is […]

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Update Problems like Depression, Anxiety and Anger Text

DUI -DWI Evaluations State Certified Evaluations listed with DMV Evaluations only. No state required treatment. Depression, Anxiety and Anger They come in all sizes and all types. We all have them. It is the discomfort or the unease with us, with others or with situations. It is when we feel held back or unfulfilled or […]

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