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Hypnosis Relaxing Life

Hypnotherapy is:

A Natural State of Mind. It uses the simple shifting between the conscious and the subconscious mind. We naturally do that shifting 80% of our day. It is a very light trance that you encounter similar to daydreaming. You remember everything you choose to remember. It feels more like just closing your eyes and relaxing and that’s all. From there we will share our skills with you to change your life in a most positive dramatic way.

Within your subconscious mind you will find Behavior Patterns, Fears, Habits, Basic Beliefs, Creativity, Feelings, Emotions, Insight, Memories and Involuntary Body Control.

Hypnotherapy is for you if you experience difficulties with:

Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Addictions, Success, Confidence, Pubic Speaking, Grief, Chronic Pain, Obsessions, Eating, Sleeping, Smoking or Anger.

A Session is:

Private and relaxed and will last about one hour. We begin with a short interview to focus on what you want to accomplish plus any relevant personal history. Everyone is different and every session will be tailored to your particular situation.

Some people prefer to spend the entire first session sharing and getting to know your therapist and the process. Others are ready to start with hypnotherapy after a few minutes of sharing and others may choose to merely sample the relaxing aspect of a hypnosis induction.

Some sessions will focus on processing new changes in your life after experiencing hypnotherapy. The session may provide new information add new perspectives to enhance your life’s journey.

We also may engage in a more traditional type talk therapy with expanded possibilities to include brief trance work, emotional release and a personal growth centered type of homework with guided imagery media.

The Construct of a Hypnotherapy Session:

We begin with a focused emotion and an intention. What is the feeling in your life that you want to change? For example: anger, fear, guilt, grief, sadness, pain, shame, unease or anxiety.

You get comfortable. Relaxing music may be used as you experience a guided imagery that helps you reach a deep state of relaxation where you remain very aware and awake.

We return to the emotion you want to change and release some of the emotional charge around it. We then regress back in time to the earliest source of these feelings. Your subconscious automatically takes you to the memory that will help you most in your healing that day. There, you will safely release stuck emotions, change mistaken beliefs, draw new conclusions about yourself, make new decisions, find new choices and develop new behaviors.

We complete the session with a healing guided imagery experience to repair old trauma and create new resources and new tools for you to use in the future.

The source of all healing and change is within you. We provide safety, direction, experience, expertise, support and the resources to aid you in your personal changes.

All material disclosed in a session remains confidential.

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