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Relationships Counseling

Relationships Counseling Bright Path Counseling

Our lives are filled with relationships. Our most basic and important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Self-empowerment and self-esteem are often the words used to describe a good relationship within us. Contentment and positive motivation are other signals of a healthy relationship within. These are the goals at the heart of counseling/therapy.Relationships then extend out to our sense of self in time and space. Do you feel safe? Do you feel that you are accepted, valued and included? These would perhaps be the next level for personal goals.

Family relationships are complicated. They are the basis for many of our beliefs and attitudes. They represent the first layer of our foundation in life. Counseling/therapy helps to see the larger picture of how mistaken beliefs or dysfunctional thoughts are passed from generation to generation and are sometimes no longer appropriate. Or how they began in trauma or disaster or chaos or overwhelm. Sorting yourself out from your family may bring relief and new insight. Learning to appreciate the limitations of others is helpful as well as finding the clarity to move into more healthy decisions and directions.

The significant other in our life, whether a committed relationship or not, has a profound impact on our lives. We often rely on the other to complete what is missing in our lives when in reality they can’t. Taking on 100% responsibility for our self provides freedom for us to grow and change and improve our lives and respect for the other to do the same. The significant other brings resources and challenges and counseling may help you to recognize the difference between the two for more satisfying time together.

School, jobs and careers can be a source of fulfillment or frustration. Discovering more choices in our lives through counseling/therapy helps us to transform our present circumstances while positively affecting the future.

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