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Opioid Addiction Bright Path Counseling

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Bright Path Counseling Center provides treatment for individuals who want to stop their use of opiods. We recommend our Intensive Outpatient Program. The goal of this group is to obtain and maintain abstinence while gaining insight into the recovery process from opioid dependency.

Individuals may choose to enter treatment unaided or with the aid of Suboxone or Vivitrol. Our medical/therapeutic team will evaluate each individual and suggest the appropriate path to a drug free life.

Each client is assigned a primary therapist. You begin with an evaluation and together, with your primary therapist; you will build a treatment plan reflecting your individual needs. The first six weeks begin with a weekly individual session plus attendance at three different weekly groups, at three hours each. Urine screens are used to provide self-regulating accountability

Once graduating from this portion of the program your treatment plan will be updated and once again, you and your therapist will decide on your particular needs. Generally, you would then attend one to three groups per week, which last only 1 ½ hours each. One of the groups would be our IOP alumni group. Less time is spent in treatment, as your recovery becomes more stable and your life returns to predictability.

The long-term goal of abstinence has a projected completion at six to eight months.